Hi my name is Joab Flores, and I own and operate Platinum Plus Mobile Detailing.

In 1998, I started working for another local detailing company in Orange County. It was during that time that my passion for detailing started. After 2 years of working for a detailing company, I decided to serve my country in the U.S Navy.

During my time in the Navy my passion for detailing never left me. I would often detail my car, and soon the word got out that I knew how to detail. Others started hiring me to detail their cars on my off time. I almost always had a vehicle to detail.

In February 2004, after serving 4 years in the Navy, I got out. I got a job that related to the job that I had in the Navy. I was happy with my job at first, but I knew that I did not want to do that forever. I knew that I had a passion for detailing, and loved doing it. I took my passion and started making plans to start my own detailing company. In June of 2004 Platinum Plus Mobile Detailing was born.

When I started Platinum Plus Mobile Detailing, I wanted to be set apart from my competition, so I’ve taken measures to ensure that we are recognized as the top detailing company in Southern California. I have been professionally trained and certified by one of the top detailing trade schools in the country. I attend seminars on a regular basis to keep myself educated on new products and technology related to this industry.

When you call us to detail, or recondition your auto, S.U.V, truck, boat, R.V, exotic vehicle, motorcycle, 5th wheel, or big rig I want you to be rest assured that you are going to get a quality job by professionally trained certified detailing professionals. I take my business really seriously, and take a lot of pride in it. Go Navy!!(I got a family to provide for). That is why i have decided to keep it small.

When you call us, you will receive the best customer service in our industry. I have gained a lot of long term customers just by communicating with them. Apart from the quality of our work, I have learned that a phone call goes a long way. There are so many flakes in this industry!!! Most of you know what I’m talking about. Give us a try. You will not regret it, from start to finish. I PROMISE!!!!

We are a small family owned business. My beautiful wife Sarah does the behind the scenes work that most of you never see, while I am in the field taking care of you. Apart from doing the behind the scene work, Sarah is a full time mom of our children Zoe & Eliah. She is Amazing, and I am truly blessed to have her as my partner in business as well as in life!

For a listing of the Mobile Detailing Services I offer click here. For immediate service please call 714-614-1691 today.

I believe that an educated clientele will be one that appreciates our expertise and professionalism. To aid in the processes of informing you about the work we do when detailing your car, truck, RV or boat we have created a glossary of Mobile Detailing Terminology. We hope you find it useful and you can always contact us for our professional expertise at 714-614-1691.