“My car is a little bit older, its a 1994 Ford Explorer, so when Joab and his crew get finished with detailing my car the difference is nothing less than phenomenal! What a great feeling every time I walk out in to the parking lot, it is literally like having a new car! Do yourself a favor, I highly recommended it.”

– Sean Sloan, Online Marketing, Costa Mesa, CA

“My wife and I let her brother use one of our cars for awhile. After about a year and half, the 3 year old car became the extension of my brother-in-law’s room. All kind of trash, emptied cans, fast food wrappers, scrapped food, melted candies and even dirty laundry were on the seats, carpets, trunk of the car. It gave out such stench that my wife and I would refuse to come near it. It’s hard to believe someone can neglect and drive in such a car like that.”

“Well, we decided to take the car back and gave it to Joab to take care of. Whatever he wanted to do to clean it up, because I wouldn’t climb inside the car without a gas mask. About 4 hours later, the smell is gone, the carpet and the seats are sparkling clean. My wife said she didn’t remember the car was so nice. It is now almost therapeutic to drive it. Call Joab. He’ll make your life easier, at least when it comes to detailing cars.”

– Bryan Nguyen, Ink & Toner Refills, Fountain Valley, CA

“I had Joab and his crew detail my SUV to celebrate 10 years of faithful service. I was amazed at how Joab and his people made my car shine and look like new. They cleaned every inch of the car including places that I had never cleaned. They had the tools and knowledge to remove scratches, tar, and other blemishes that I could never have removed by myself. The car looked beautiful and smelled like new. Thank you Joab for the terriffic work you and your people do!!”

Ed Manko, Certified Financial Planner, Huntington Beach, CA

“Joab Flores does the best job of any car detailer that I have ever used. He is also the most reliable.”

“And he is a very pleasant person who enjoys his work.”

– Dr. Mark Yamamoto, Cosmetic Dentist & TMJ specialist, Huntington Beach, CA

“For those of you who have black vehicles, you know how bad they look when they’re dirty. Well imagine trying to sell a black Dodge pickup with a black fiberglass tonneau cover that is COVERED with oxidation and hard water stains (it was parked next to the sprinklers for several years).”

“Well, I was trying to sell the truck because of high gas prices and since my wife and I already had two cars. I went to the normal $7.99 car wash place before I met with some buyers, but people kept lowballing me because of the way the exterior looked. I called Joab. He came to my work and spent several hours detailing the truck, and removed ALL the oxidation and stains from the truck.”

“I wasn’t able to meet any buyers for a couple months afterward, and I pretty much just hosed the truck down before meeting with a guy who was interested. The finish on the truck was so good I didn’t even get a real wash, but the guy took the truck that day. The best part – I got more than I was asking for before it was detailed! Thanks Joab!”

– Ken K., Florist, Westminster, CA

“For two years my family car had never been detailed. I either washed it myself or ran it through the carwash when it seemed to need it. The paint became dull and the seats were turning from a light tan to a dirty brown. The carpets were stained to the point that I expected to have to replace them.”

“Joab Flores worked on my car for hours, washing, claying and polishing the paint, cleaning and conditioning the interior and shampooing the carpets until the car looked like it had just come off the dealer’s showroom floor. The process could not have been more convenient. Joab performed the work at my office, so I did not have to drop it off and pick it up later.”

“In my opinion, there are only two types of people who should use Joab Flores: those who want to sell their cars and those who want to keep them.”

– Don Sjaarda, Personal Injury Attorney, Fountain Valley, CA

“Wow, now thats a detail! Our head lights are no longer foggy. On time and polite. Listens to your needs.”

“I use Joab on my personal vehicles as well as any business needs we have.”

– John Thomas, Painting Contractor, Huntington Beach, CA